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Hello Friends Aaj Mai Aap Sab Ke Liye Bhagvan Julelal Ke birthday par Bahut Achhe Status leke Aaya Hu Umid Hai Aap Sab Ko Ye Status Bahut Pasand Aaye Gne Cheti Chand 2019 status Facebook

We always thank 2 jhulelal 4 making us:
In short proud 2 be "SINDHI"
Jai Jhulelal

Sindhi aahiyu
Sindhi aahiyu, Sindhi galhayu, sindhiyat ji jyot jagayu,
 tabha sabhin khe CHETRI CHANDRA ji 
lakh lakh wadhayuAayo lal Sabai Chao Julelal Dhiraj

Hardhik Subhechcha
Cheti Chand Ki Hardhik Subhechcha
Bato Gud Dhani Bolo Subh Vani
Vani Cheti Chand ki Subh Kamnayeh

Happy Cheti Chand

Happy Cheti Chand!
Let this be a delightful year,
filled with delightful things in each of its days

Wish you a Happy Cheti Chand
Wish you a Happy Cheti Chand with love, 
peace, hope and joy for the year ahead.

Keep moving

Keep moving is an important lesson that Lord Varuna (God of water) teaches.
 Water flows unceasingly. If it stops, 
it becomes stagnant. 
Let us aim to be the free flowing pure water. 
Forget the past and start flowing with positive 
thoughts from this Cheti Chand.

Happy Cheti Chand.

Blessings of Lord Varuna

Let this Cheti Chand bring peace and prosperity 
in the lives of all with the blessings of Lord Varuna.

Stars of new Sindhi year
With the start of new Sindhi year
May you smile always,
May you get success in all your endeavors
May you receive respect by all
May you be blessed with blessings of Almighty.

Happy Cheti Chand

khilo sada khush raho
nandhan khe pyar karo
vadan khan pyar payo
lal jo din aaye acho khushyun manayo
aayo lal sabhai chavo Jhulelal

Happy Cheti Chand
From the eve of Cheti Chand..
May you shine like a star always,
May you be bright as sun
May you spread light soothing as moonlight
May with the glory of Jhulelal,
You have a wonderful life today and forever .

Happy Cheti Chand

Sari chinta bhool jayo,
Sab galtiya bhool jayo,
aur is naye saal mai
ek nayi shurwat karo,
Cheti Chand ki Badhai

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